YOUR HOMETOWN — Your aunt, a middle-aged, middle-class woman from the suburbs, has recently become a full-on white supremacist due to some pesky Facebook bots.

Your aunt has been a Facebook user since 2009, and she spends hours a day posting updates, liking recipes, and commenting “so cute” on your pictures. However, things changed in 2016, when your aunt began reposting content from a Concerned Patriots Facebook group, based in Chechnya, Russia. That’s when she realized that minorities are ruining this country and the whites are the real oppressed group.

Your aunt’s Facebook feed is no longer pictures of the sunset or her fuck up son Roger. Instead, her content consists almost entirely of alt-right leaders, Trump kneeling before white Jesus, and undisputed facts about Mexicans.

The Bunion spoke to your aunt in an interview about her newfound beliefs.

“You can’t say anything in this country anymore without people getting offended,” said your aunt, shaking her head. “All this focus on Black Lives Matter and Black heritage month… What about the white people that built this country? Why don’t we celebrate them?”

At press time, your aunt was seen “feeling attacked.”

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