CAS—In response to years of confusion and complaints from students and student groups, the staff of the Tsai Performance Center, located in the College of Arts and Science building, has finally established the true pronunciation of the auditorium.

Tsai manager Daniel Nagel issued a press release yesterday evening declaring “As the controversy surrounding this issue grows in size, we have decided to pick a side and confirm that the pronunciation of our fine Performance Center is ‘Tsai’.”

Students were overjoyed to have the hotly debated issue finally settled.

“I’ve been performing there since my freshman year and I’ve never even known what to call the place,” said frequent BU on Broadway cast member Barry Laud (COM ’16). “So glad the tuhsigh staff could clear this up once and for all.”

“When we would advertise our shows, I would always have to say  ‘it’s at the performance center in CAS, and that was getting old” said Roman Donovan (COM ’17), another cast member. “Now I’m happy to tell people to ‘come to say Performance Center this saturday!’ It’s got a much nicer ring to it.”

“For some reason I was always convinced it was pronounced ‘sigh’,” admitted Luke Bohn (CGS ’17). “Looking back that was pretty silly, but now that I’ve read the statement it’s obvious that tasighee’s name would be phonetic.”

At press time, the rest of the statement was dedicated to unveiling the real pronunciation of “auditorium”, which cleared up even more confusion amongst BU students.

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