MORSE AUDITORIUM—Get ready for a story that’s going to get your eyes watering and your heart throbbing. While most BU students are finding themselves stressed this week with several final projects and exams, students in Prof. Ishint’s economics class were spared this suffering because he gave the course’s cumulative final in September.

Wow! I guess not all heroes wear capes! Just stained black slacks and a button-up t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up that says “I’m married, but wear something nice to my office hours.”

“Really sucks for all those losers out there with professors that hate them and give out actual fully-final final exams,” remarked Connor Bro (QST ‘19). “I was done with class by September 4th, and I yeeted outta here right then and there. So what if I got a 18% on the final? At least I’m done.”

Can you spell I-N-N-O-V-A-T-I-V-E?! We can’t, after our spelling professor just moved our final to September 10th. But hey, we don’t care! We’re stress-free!

Some students, however, were less than pleased with Ishint’s new initiative. “Soon as I heard about this, I called my lawyers to convince my professor to cancel the final so I could take my planned 4-week vacation in French Polynesia,” said Brad McStevens (QST ‘21). “I’ve already paid in full for it, and my lawyers won’t take no for an answer.”

Way to go, Prof. Ishint! We can’t wait to see what else you have up that plaid rolled-up sleeve!

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