He was one of those guys you overlook. Not that tall or handsome. Someone my friends and I would make fun of for being a huge sports fan.

It was a normal Tuesday night. I had my attention set on the popular guys: New York, California, or Massachusetts. I love coastal boys, with their accessible reproductive health and decriminalized drug laws. I was sitting on my couch watching the news, deep into my second glass of wine. I never gave Wisconsin a thought until I saw what he could do. Could Wisconsin save the world from fascism? Could he hold me in his arms and tell me that everything would be all right?

That’s when I realized blue was a good color on him. I don’t usually go for Midwesterners, but he was kind of… hot. It gave him an edge. He was mysterious. Unpredictable, but also sensitive. Like he cared about human decency and LGBTQ rights.

I’ve been fawning over Wisconsin for a few days now, but you know me and my wandering eye. I thought I wanted everything Wisconsin had, but now I realize Georgia has everything I need. 

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