The College of Communication has finally announced its new dean, acclaimed journalist and COM alumna, Mariette DiChristina. However, some students are questioning whether, as former Editor-In-Chief of a science magazine, DiChristina really represents COM’s student body.

“It was great to see that a woman had finally been made dean, since COM is majority female,” says Melody Gutierrez (COM ‘21). “But COM is also majority allergic to STEM, so it feels like she’s pushing some sort of agenda on us.”

Some argue that an openly pro-STEM dean undermines what COM stands for, which is of course its status as the College of Optional Math. Many fear what COM will turn into with a science enthusiast in charge, and how it will inevitably change the culture of a school that prefers to steer clear of ‘numbers’ and ‘thinking’.

“I’m worried she’ll be too emotional,” says Brad Henson (COM ‘20). “She probably gets really excited about inventions and nature and stuff. Also, she might make rash decisions, like not letting this random course about magic count for my natural science requirement.”

One thing is clear: elitism has no place in COM, and we warily anticipate the reign of a competent, well-rounded dean with interests outside of communications.

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