By: Laura Braudis

In the new age of overbearing political correctness, the popular term “last night was a movie,” used ironically in TikTok comment sections and unironically by freshmen who partake in the Allston Crawl, has now been deemed offensive to film students.

Although the phrase originally had a positive meaning referring to any fun night of epic proportions, now it is often used as a joke. Nate Anderson (COM ‘24) explains why he is offended.

 “The phrase is handled without care by Chads who all look the same,” said Anderson, a film major, who owns the same plaid button-up shirt from nine different stores. 

“My favorite movie is probably Pulp Fiction,” said Anderson even though no one asked. “I’m a huge Tarantino fan. And not to flex, I’m probably related to Wes Anderson. I mean, somewhere down the line, you know? One time when my hair was longer, I looked just like him.” The Bunion can confirm that he, in fact, did not look anything like Wes Anderson. 

In his anger, Anderson proceeded to adjust his half-rimmed bluelight glasses, and argued that “the phrase just doesn’t make sense because if your night was actually good, then you’d wanna say ‘last night was a film.’”

Another Film and TV student, Emily Wright (COM ‘24), believes that the usage of “last night was a movie” is downright disrespectful. 

Wright has spoken out about this issue on Instagram, because obviously nothing motivates other college students more than a quirky, colorful infographic.

“I want people to be aware,” said Wright in an exclusive interview. “It’s not a joke.” Suddenly, without warning, Wright removed the green claw clip from her hair, put down her oat milk latte, and dropped her tote bag sporting the expression “Nevertheless, She Persisted” and began to recite Jo March’s monologue from Greta Gerwig’s Little Women. “Sorry, I tend to do that when I’m passionate about something,” explained Wright. 

When asked about their thoughts on the similar phrase “lit, crazy, movie,” both Anderson and Wright were unable to hear the question over the sound of their own unprompted opinions about Dune. 

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