Not all relationships are meant to last, but Olivia Munn and John Mulaney are having a kid anyways! There’s nothing better than creating a human to really bring two people together. Taking care of a little oopsie is just the amount of responsibility they need. Especially John, who was recently released from rehab. Everyone knows having something else to take responsibility for is important to staying in recovery. 

Plus, John’s wife wasn’t going to bear his little nuisance. Anna Marie Tendler knew she didn’t want strings attached to him, but Olivia on the other hand… Quite the smart move on her part; her clock was the definition of ticking. At 41, I’m sure John was just as shocked as all of us when she told him about the fetus she wasn’t going to delete-us. 

But John was the perfect target for a scandal like this. He LOVES kids. Plus he has way better hair than Olivia’s dreaded ex from 2011, Matthew Morrison. I’ve heard that he was pretty good at grooming, so he must have good hair. But other than that, he didn’t have much else going on for him.

But that romance was not meant to produce a little rascal. The thought of having a little troll baby running around with a full head of hair was an absolute no for her. 

She also canoodled with Aaron Rodgers for a bit. He was her boy toy for the longest. But as a hard core animal rights activist, once she found out that cheddar cheese comes from cows, she just couldn’t keep dating the quarterback of the Cheese Heads. How dare he support animal cruelty?

But John. Wow. Just the absolute perfect man to have a pumpkin dumpling with. He is freshly divorced, so no strings attached to any other women. Of course Olivia would want to tie that man down, every girl looks for a guy with a great sense of humor. And who’s better for that than a comedian? But once Olivia runs out of fake giggles, I’m just hoping the happy accident doesn’t end up with mommy AND daddy issues.

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