It’s 8 AM. You drag your feet into your sociology discussion with your first coffee of the day in hand. It’s a sweatpants and hoodie kind of vibe, and everyone else in class seems to agree, even the TF. 

Everyone except That Guy. You know the one. The one who wears a suit everyday. For what reason, you don’t know. He seems to have one in every flavor and fashion, or perhaps an infinite supply.  Black, gray, blue. Today he’s having an Obama moment with a tan suit. You don’t know how he does it. You don’t know why he does it. You don’t know if he even knows. What is he trying to prove?

You struggle to remember some basic details about him. You’ve never spoken to the guy before, and why would you? Ryan, or Brian, or Chett could be his name. His major? Probably finance, afterall, who else would serve stock market eleganza on a Tuesday moring? But you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. What if there’s more to this suit-wearing enigma than meets the eye?

This is a sociology class after all. Sure, he could just be trying to fulfill some sort of requirement, but what if he’s not? This is an upper level class, not the thing a Questr*m kid looking for an easy A would take. What if he actually cares about ethics, society, and the human condition? 

What if he’s not a business guy at all? Maybe he’s a COM guy, studying whatever they do in there. Or perhaps in Wheelock? Maybe he works with kids. Maybe he’s pre-law with some sort of internship at a law firm going on. What if he has court after this?

Oh My God. What if he has court after this. What if he’s on trial for something? What if he’s defending himself Ted Bundy Style? This guy could literally be a serial killer or something else arguably worse than a finance guy.

You can only guess what Kyle/Dylan/Bryce’s deal is, whether he’s a trust fund kid, or a Taurus, or the next Zuckerberg. Perhaps you’ll never know the truth… Or perhaps you can take the first step, ask him for coffee after class and get to know the real man behind the formalwear. 

But then…he raises his hand for the first time. What insightful knowledge and worldview does he have to bestow upon us?  He opens his mouth, and;

“I’m just trying to play devil’s advocate here…”

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