STUVI—Tuesday, students in West Campus residence halls were surprised that huge amounts of leg hair clogged just about every bathroom drain.

Due to the high temperature spike, students who planned to wear shorts had a small window of time to totally shave their entire legs, and shave they did.

“I looked at the forecast this morning and was like… oh shit! My beast legs! They must be tamed! And tame them I did,” said Stacy McEntire (ENG ’18).

Students who simply wanted to take showers, or even brush their teeth this morning were out of luck. Yes, even the sinks had been clogged. “I was going about my morning normally, until I slowly noticed that basically everything in the bathroom was covered in short, dark hairs,” commented Julia Hernandez (COM ’20). “I thought that maybe an animal got in here and scrambled around, but then I saw that the temperature was supposed to be above 70 today and everything made total sense.”

At press time, employees from BU facilities took one look at the problem, shook their heads, and walked out.

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