THE ROOF—March Madness is upon us once again but, unfortunately for us Terriers, Boston University didn’t make the cut. So we decided to ask the basketball team what setbacks kept them from entering the NCAA tournament.

“Our season came to an end after a tough loss to Colgate in the Patriots League tournament two weeks ago,” said John Wilmer, head coach of Boston University’s men’s basketball team. “But I’m not too worried about it. I mean, first and foremost, it should be made clear that BU is a hockey school.”

The BU basketball team, who was once asked to make room for the hockey team’s stake budget by replacing the last names on their jerseys with a “Hi My Name is ____” sticker, fully understand where they fall in the chain of command.

“It’s no secret we don’t draw a crowd. We play in a place called ‘The Roof’ and after people find out we aren’t actually playing on the roof they tend to lose interest,” added Wilmer. “Plus, have you ever watched a game at Agganis arena? Wow, what an atmosphere.”

Wilmer went on to further compliment the hockey team’s facilities, showing signs of excitement the less he talked about his team and the more he talked about the hockey team.

Most players of Boston University’s basketball team were not recruited but instead were told about a pick-up basketball game in October which turned out to be BU’s home opener.

When asked for their thoughts on not being in the tournament, players of the team expressed there was a sense of relief and excitement.

James Larsen (CAS ‘19) felt thankful he didn’t make the tournament as participating in it would have decreased his ability to watch it.

Others were shocked they even had a chance.

“I’m fairly certain the NCAA gave up on us and let us play in the Patriots League Championship tournament out of pity,” said David Henry (SAR ’20).

As March Madness rumbles on and BU basketball comes to an end, the players look forward to spring and eventually summer break, Meanwhile, “The Roof” will transition to it’s summer duties of being totally useless, while John Wilmer will head back to his summer job as the sign twirler for a store that sells used wheelchairs.

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