WARREN—Dining Services staff were baffled when a student ordered a burrito with only guacamole on it this afternoon during lunch, sources say.

The student, whose identity is unconfirmed at press time, waited on a line for the burrito station for approximately 7 minutes before asking for only guacamole to be put in his burrito. “I was so confused,” said Jacob Preston (SMG ‘16), a Dining Services work-study employee.

“Dan and I were making the burritos. I put on the dressings and he was adding the rice and chicken,” Jacob explained. “Usually when people get burritos they just ask for all of the fillings. When he asked for guacamole, at first I thought, ‘Oh, maybe this guy just doesn’t like sour cream’ or whatever. But then he said ‘Thanks,’ and that was it.”

Jacob’s co-worker, Dan Roth (COM ’15), is equally confused about the event. “I thought he was going to ask for extra rice and chicken but he didn’t want anything from me. Is it something I did? Did I look dirty? Did he not want me serving him food?”

Eyewitnesses confirm that, after eating his guacamole burrito, the unidentified student got up to get a mug of hot water, drank it while looking at a blank laptop screen, and then left.

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