People always joke about CGS being inferior to BU’s other colleges, but frankly, it’s getting a little old. CGS is a great opportunity for students to explore different paths, study abroad as an underclassman, and get a real transition into college. To properly recognize their great work, we at The Bunion are going to PROVE that CGS is not the worst BU college by ranking all of them and trying really hard not to put CGS last.

1. School of Hospitality Administration

Well we can’t all be number one, CGS, and School of Hospitality Administration obviously takes the cake. Because they baked the cake, for you, their patron. Without hotels and restaurants, the world would suck. Keep up the great work, SHA!

2. Questrom School of Business

QST is obviously BU’s number two college, and definitely a huge step up from CGS. Did you know most Questrom students transfer to a different college because it’s too hard? That’s really sexy if you ask me. Plus, they’ve got a Starbucks inside, which is kinda hot. Snake school, you win the silver!

3. College of Engineering

Well we obviously couldn’t rank CGS above the College of Engineering because look at them! They’re so busy! CGS students aren’t busy! A college whose students are that busy must be doing something right, which is why we give College of Engineering the number three spot.

4. College of Arts and Sciences

CAS is basically CGS on steroids, so it would be a clear conflict of interest if we put CGS above them. CAS is boring, but look at how many opportunities there are! Plus, the Einstein’s Bagels and Think Tank definitely give CAS a boost. The Art History department weighs CAS down a bit, but in the end, they more than deserve to be number four.

5. Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

There’s no way we could put CGS above pre-meds, so it only made sense to put Sargent here. Sure, Sargent might resent the fact that it’s not our number one choice, but that’s not Sargent’s choice, now is it! Keep desperately trying to make the world a healthier place, Sargent!

6. Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine

Yes, this is a grad school, so it’s not supposed to be on this ranking, and yet, we still kinda feel like it’s better than CGS. Maybe CGS can be number 7?

7. College of Communication

With alums like Bill O’Reilly, COM is definitely no one’s top pick, but I don’t think anyone could argue that it’s below CGS. Considering that COM is one of the top five communication colleges in the country and it literally has film sets and radio studios inside the building, we can’t pretend it’s not somewhat decent compared to the CGS building, where they think the main floor is called Floor 2.

8. College of Fine Arts

They may not get jobs after graduation, but hey, neither do CGS students (besides Howard Stern, but does he count?). CFA students are pursuing their dreams, which is a stark contrast to CGS students, who don’t have dreams to begin with.

9. Wheelock College of Education and Human Development

SED would’ve maybe snagged number eight before the Wheelock merger, but we can all agree WED is still better than CGS. Did you know they go to actual elementary schools at like 7am to practice teaching? That’s dedication. CGS students don’t even show up to college until second semester.

10. College of General Studies

Wait, shit, is this the end of the ranking? Oh God, that’s awkward. Sorry CGS. We really tried our best. Hope you had fun in London.

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