This Earth Day, Warren Towers is being celebrated by environmental activists around the world for being an innovative biodegradable building. The building’s biodegradation, or the breakdown of its organic matter into simple organic molecules, will ultimately help the environment, but it has left students with some strong feelings about the process taking place while they’re living there.

“I guess it’s good that BU is trying to help the Earth,” stated Autumn Johansson (CAS ’22) “but I don’t really understand where I, and the 1,800 other people who live in Warren, am supposed to go when the building finishes biodegrading?” 

Warren resident Forrest Johnson (COM ’23) expressed his concerns over the building’s safety, stating “I’m just glad the Coronavirus sent me home before the building completely disappeared beneath my feet.”

In divulging more information about the biodegradable nature of the building, BU administration revealed that the walls of the building are actually made of cardboard, while the support beams are comprised of leftover banana peels from the dining hall.

At press time, Warren Towers has completely broken down into the soil, though the security guards remain in the vicinity demanding that all passers-by swipe their BU IDs.

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