WARREN DINING—An announcement was made yesterday by Head of Public Relations for BU dining, Jonathan Carlton, regarding new plans for a semi-semi-bi-weekly chicken night.

“It all started with Make a Difference Monday,” Carlton said. “After MaDM became a complete success, we worked hard to determine exactly what made it so appealing, and we realized that students like patterns. Patterns, routine on a budget, repetition, what does all of this lead to? Clearly, Semi-semi-bi weekly chicken night!”

Semi-semi-bi-weekly chicken night occurs independently of other special chicken nights that the dining hall offers such as semi-tri-weekly chicken burrito night, bi-milli-decadely rotisserie chicken night, or semi-milli-femto-yotta-semesterly chicken soup night.

“Wait, so just every other day they’re going to serve chicken then, right?” Warren resident Alexis Campbell (CAS ‘19) responded to the announcement, “That’s what they’re trying to get at here?”

Carlton says he cannot confirm or deny whether this means that dining halls will be serving chicken every other day.

At press time, the Fresh Food Co. was amping up their celebration for daily pizza night.

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