Spooky Season may be over, but there are still some haunted happenings going on at BU. 

Econ 101, which meets Mondays at 8:00 A.M in the Morse Auditorium, is a 300 person lecture. However, in recent weeks, the class has had only 4 students present, but a full attendance sheet. 

Brad Johnson (CAS ‘20) believes that the answer involves spirits. 

“Maybe there are ghosts writing people’s names down,” said Johnson. “It’s definitely not someone offering to sign kids in for $4 a piece, that’s for sure.” 

Other students in the lecture include two annoyingly eager freshmen, and a student in a hoodie, who has never moved from their seat.

“Yeah they are always there before we even get to class in the morning, and we get here 45 minutes early,” said Ima Sukup (CAS ‘23), one of the freshman. “It’s kind of concerning, but at least they are here!”

Some students have suggested a conspiracy, going all the way up to President Brown, to explain the full attendance sheet.

“Maybe there was never really 300 people in the class,” said Jenna Cohen (QST ‘21). “He probably just inflated the numbers like he does with admissions statistics.” 

At press time, The Bunion learned that BUPD is heading the investigation and still have not been able to determine why students aren’t going to a three hour lecture at 8am. 

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