CENTRAL CAMPUS—After a summer of construction, Boston University unveiled a new dining hall and a new entrance to Mugar Memorial Library this Fall. At the same time, the administration has been diligently been phasing out older features: three dining halls and a library entrance have been decommissioned to maintain the same quality of campus life that BU students have come to expect.

A spokesman for the Dean of Students spoke on these recent changes yesterday. “It’s in the best interest of getting our money’s worth,” the man told a group of students. “By closing one of the entrances into the library, we’re using the new entrance more effectively. It’s supply and demand. Besides, do you really want two entrances to the library?”

After millions of dollars of renovations and multiple closures resulting in a net gain of zero library entrances and a net loss of two dining halls, students seem unaffected by the lack of change in quality of life on campus.

“I heard they were making a new door for the library. I’m glad they got rid of the old one. That’s one less choice I have to make during the day,” Shelton Hall resident Peter Hughes (SMG ‘15) told Bunion reporters yesterday at the new Center for Student Services at 100 Bay State Road. “I kind of miss having a dining hall right downstairs from my room. These curly fries are pretty good, though,” Hughes added.

The university will continue with their “one-step-forward-one-step-back” construction model in the coming years when they destroy Nickerson Field after completing construction on New Balance Field. BU Housing has also pledged to continue trashing one dorm room in South Campus for every one they renovate.

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