WEST CAMPUS—Last week, Boston University began announcing details for the Campaign for Boston University, a university-wide fundraising campaign. As part of this campaign, the administration has planned “The Celebration of BU” – an event meant to kick off the campaign and increase awareness for it through a night of expensive musical and artistic performances, as well as gratuitous appearances by celebrity alumni.

The Celebration of BU, which likely is costing the University anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000, will feature various expensive-sounding events such as a performance by the world famous Boston Pops, appearances by BU celebrity alumni such as Andy Cohen and Mike Eruzione, a 3D light show, and extreme ice-carving with chainsaws and fire. “We added that last one just for the hell of it,” said a representative of the University on the event’s planning committee. “Also we had some money left over from this year’s tuition fees. What else were we going to use that money for?”

The Celebration of BU, which happens this Friday in the very-expensive-to-rent-out Agganis Arena, has tickets available to be purchased between $25 to $40. “We know that it’s kind of expensive, so we’ve given lots of free tickets to a lot of students active in the community as well,” said the event planner, who estimates that they will be losing a fair amount of money on this event. “You’ve gotta spend money to make money, right?”

Through the campaign, the administration hopes to grab the attention of students and alumni of BU, a $50,000 a year university that wants $1 billion more from its community. “We think that this event is a surefire plan for success,” added the representative.

Students can pick up their free tickets for The Celebration of BU at the Agganis Arena ticket office. Programming begins at 8:00 p.m., but seating will begin at 7:00. The first 200 people in attendance will receive free bars of gold.

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