STUVI2—Most StuVi residents line their window sills with empty bottles of alcohol, but these trendy suitemates have decided to break tradition with their own fun twist! Carly Carrington (CAS ‘19) and Zach McGrath (COM ‘20) proudly display their growing collection of antidepressant bottles for the whole world to see.

“Classes can be really stressful, and while most people want their guests to know they go hard on the weekends, we want our friends to know that we’re getting the help we need,” said Carrington, washing down a Prozac with some pamplemousse LaCroix.

In addition to artistically laid out antidepressant bottles, the pair also has an extensive collection of artisanal bongs. “It’s for medicinal purposes,” said McGrath.

At press time, the roommates were seen busily crafting their next piece of artsy hipster decor, hot-gluing hundreds of used Juul pods onto a posterboard to create a decorative mosaic.

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