By: Aidan Donovan

ADMISSIONS CENTER – After leaving his shift from giving campus tours, a BU tour guide has been reportedly walking backward to each of his classes. This has been going on for several days as of this article’s publication.

Douglass Dewey (QST, 22) had been giving a tour to a group of young high school students and parents. Finishing up at the Admissions Center, Dewey became trapped in backwards motion.

There have been multiple sightings of Dewey on campus. Reports have detailed him walking backwards down Com Ave and crossing the street into the GSU.

Professors have started to notice it too. Professor Smith (QST) noted how it disrupted his teaching in the classroom. “He was sitting backwards in his chair for all of the lecture and when I asked a question to the class he was still facing backwards. It was so bizarre” said Smith. 

The Bunion staff found him on East Campus and asked for his comments on the matter. 

“I don’t know what’s going on with me,” said Dewey. “I just got off my shift and I can’t stop myself at all. I hope this is not forever. Anyways, here on your left is the Questrom School of Business, one of my favorite locations on campus.”

At Fitrec, Dewey was spotted sprinting backwards on the treadmill at full speed. “While I’m in the middle of this, I might as well work out,” he said. “Can’t skip leg day and I gotta get some cardio in too.”

When asked about Dewey’s condition, a BU Admissions Center representative expressed concern. 

“That’s strange, I’m not sure why he’s still walking backwards. All he had to do was repeat the four special words we taught him after each shift in front of a mirror.” 

When later asked for further clarification, the same rep was unavailable for comment. All that was left was a short email saying. “I’ve said too much, do not contact me.” 

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