Without frat house basements to get drunk in, students have resorted to overpriced cocktails at Boston’s rooftop bars. With the increase of dinners out with the girls comes an increase of insta pics each weekend. Here are some fun pose ideas to spice up your feed: 

1. Engineering: 90 degree angle 

This is a pose that’s been practiced down to the degree. The arm is at exactly 90 degrees, probably holding a vodka redbull so you can finish that exam later. One leg is placed carefully in front of the other, after you calculate where it looks the longest. This might not be how you look 80% of the time, but it has a 33% success rate of getting a Harvard boy’s snapchat. 

2. English: Pose in front of alcohol related quote 

“I didn’t text you….. Tequila did” “Sobriety is not in my Vodkabulary” As an English major, you love an alcoholic pun. Is the quote really funny? Or is it just the 14 dollar mojitos talking? Maybe a drunk email to your hot TA will clarify. 

3. Theatre: Boomerang of a toast 

You like to put on a show. And what’s more of a show than being stuck in a boomerang purgatory forever, constantly toasting for all eternity. One sip of that watered down rum and coke and you’ll be suggesting karaoke…again. 

4. Art: Polaroid (but it’s really a huji filter) 

You want a vintage feel for your photos, and who can blame you? Maybe coming into the club with an MP3 player was overkill, but you gotta prove to everyone you’re better than all these Gen Z Screenagers. Sadly after forgetting your real vintage polaroid at home, the Huji filter will have to suffice. Also it makes you look, like, really tan.  

5. History: “Us at the beginning of the night vs the end”

Just as you love seeing the progression of historical events and how they have affected the world, you also love seeing the effects of a few too many shots. ‘Us in the beginning of the night’ is like 1945 War Soviet Union, and ‘us at the end’ is like the 1989 Soviet Union. We used to be all together, but sadly, we’ve fallen apart. Isn’t that clear by how blurry the second photo is? 

6. Film and TV: The morning after brunch 

What better time is there than the morning after to show your movies from the night before? While you were playing Wes Anderson, your friend was vomiting in the bathroom of Citrus and Salt. I’m sure your friends will appreciate the cinematography of their drunk antics: memories they will never want to forget, but definitely can’t remember right now.

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