MYLES STANDISH HALL—One student is fighting to make BU look a little more like Babylon, but maybe not in the way that you would expect.

Tommy Layne, an RA at Myles Standish Hall, is protesting BU’s “weak” judicial system in favor of the ancient laws that were created under former king of Babylon, Hammurabi. The Code of Hammurabi, commonly summarized by the saying “eye for eye, tooth for tooth,” focuses on equal punishment for the crimes committed

“In the system that we have now, BU students are not being punished enough,” Layne explains,  “Students need this fear of the consequences for their actions instilled in them that Hammurabi’s code creates.”

When asked of an example of the type of punishment that he would give under BU’s Hammurabi’s Code, Layne replied, “That’s easy. The thing I hate responding the most to when I am on call is noise violations. Students should comply to the quiet hours that we set so students can get a full night’s sleep from 6pm to 8am.”

“Under Hammurabi’s Code, the punishment for a noise complaint is that I randomly pick a time, probably between 9:30 and 11 on a Sunday morning and blast Insane Clown Posse’s classic ‘Miracles’ outside their door when they are trying to sleep,” Layne lays out, “That’ll teach them.”

When asked to comment on the issue, Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore gave everyone at the Bunion Men’s Hockey Jerseys.

About the assertion that his rules were a bit outdated, Layne argues that while they might seem out of touch, they carry parallels that we can use today.

“Rules like rule 119 is an example of a rule can be taken of the context of ancient Babylon and used in today’s society.” Layne explains.

It is worth noting that rule 119 is ‘If a man be in debt and he sell his maid servant who has borne him children, the owner of the maid servant (i.e., the man in debt) shall repay the money which the merchant paid (him), and he shall ransom his maid servant.’

At press time, Layne was holding the threat over his residents that if they didn’t sign the Reslife Census, he would parallel their action with a punishment of also not signing the Reslife Census, which really has no effect on his residents, and is just a pain in the ass to Reslife.

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