Ok, cmon. We all know that the Photonics Center is the site of some potentially evil stuff.

It’s title and purpose are vague, to throw us off the trail of it’s true purpose.

It’s open 24/7, so there’s never a break in work on their secret plans.

There’s a beautiful conference room, so the spooky director of the project can publically and evil-ly reveal whatever he’s been working so hard on. He’ll probably cackle with delight at the expressions of horror in the crowd.

But what’s going on there? Human experimentation? Maybe some kind of weapons development? Nuclear…stuff? Take one look at the building and you just know there’s not a bakery in the basement. Don’t get me started on all of the lights.

It’s definitely something much more malicious. The building doesn’t have a donor name, most likely because no one, not even some billionaire dude, wants their name associated with the evil shit that’s going down in there.

But what could it be…

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