It didn’t take long to discover that young adult fiction is a stronger force than gravity. Veronica Roth’s Divergent series in particular had an inescapable grip on my youth–until they made the movies, of course. After the series’ film franchise was ultimately deemed a failure, I was finally free from my Four addiction. Or so I thought. 

Ever imagine how BU’s own colleges might be classified in Veronica Roth’s perfect society? I have, and here’s how one might categorize them:

ABNEGATION (Selflessness): This one’s a no brainer–it’s gotta be Sargent! Not because it’s the school of health sciences, but because one time someone gave me free merch outside the college, and honestly, I’ll never forget that. 

ERUDITE (Intelligence): CAS. To be honest, CAS is pretty basic :/ it’s more of a “better in comparison” ordeal than it is like, “oh yeah, CAS is the place for INTELLECTUALS,” you know?

DAUNTLESS (Fearlessness): It’s really brave to be a COM kid. It’s even braver to openly ADMIT you’re a COM kid. I wouldn’t say you’re a badass, but oh boy, with that mental instability and far too aggressive opinion on most things, you’re pretty daunting!

CANDOR (Honesty): Despite housing all the theater majors, CFA is the pillar of honesty. This is simply because that one girl in your lecture will be the first to tell you that that sweater is ugly as f*ck (don’t worry, I love it tho <3). 

AMITY (Peaceful): ENG. They’ve accepted their fate, and although it is one of sadness, loneliness, and despair, acceptance brings peace. You could probably fight an engineering major and be okay.

FACTIONLESS (Homeless): The only correct choice here is Questrom. They are, after all, unable to classify as any of the above categories! In addition, there’s a million of them, and no one seems to want them around.

CGS? Oh, maybe you don’t know? Divergent is a dystopian novel where they created a society filled with good people and good traits! A perfect society has no room for CGS kids.

But what about the Divergent folk, you may be wondering? Some notable examples may be Rhett, MLK Jr, and AOC, but you never know who else might be lurking under our noses! Perhaps one day you’ll double-major and discover you can have the fearlessness of a COM kid and the depression of an ENG major. But until that day, live life like it’s Divergent–not Allegiant, I’m convinced it doesn’t exist. 

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