GSU PLAZA—As part of their Earth Day celebration, sustainablility@BU hosted an Earth Day Fair that sparked the interest of several students passing by, causing them to stop and really think about what it means to take care of their environment, for an entire thirty seconds.

“It’s truly something that our generation has to start taking more seriously, we need to start the change, you know? Start using reusable water bottles, and grocery bags. Oh, shit, my phone is at twenty percent. Better go plug it in!” said Sandy Carlton (CAS ’16)

“I just signed up to help plant trees next week! I’m hoping I can start a carpool too.” said Andrew Kang (CFA 18’) as he threw out his compostable plate from lunch into the “Landfill” section of trash in the GSU.

Sources claim that activities at the fair included many free giveaways, food, and other activities to promote Earth Day. A coordinator of the event explained that this was the only way to grab students’ attention when they are all walking and texting down Commonwealth Avenue.

“Look, I’m already starting to help out! Apples, apples, apples. These are fruits that come from the earth!” shouted Justin Late (COM ’17) as he chomped into- just guess- an apple.

At press time, students all agreed that this is the generation that will change, as they all ordered Ubers to leave the fair.

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