ALLSTON—Graduate students in the Neuroscience Department are shocked after a research study conducted last week found that a significant portion of the female BU student population does not feel pain associated with cold temperatures.

“It’s astounding,” said Lance Bigelo (CAS ‘14), a research assistant in the thermal perception study, “A large amount of them simply don’t react to cold temperatures, no matter how little clothing they’re wearing.” The report, which details the specialized adaptations in the brains of the case subjects, also indicates that the high number of cold-resistant subjects fell within the demographic of highly social, outgoing female students with active social lives.

Many in the BU community have observed these female students walking through the Allston neighborhood in low-cut shirts and mini-skirts for some time. “Yeah, I know it’s crazy,” commented Jean Harrington (CAS ’15). “For some reason, they refuse to put on clothes, no matter how cold it gets. I always thought they were just stupid, but I didn’t realize their brains were more evolved than mine.“

These female students have caused much controversy with their under-dressing throughout this winter. Student Health Services has issued a statement advocating for the well-being of these students, advising them to dress appropriately.  “Every girl who walks into this office has a huge, heavy coat and a long scarf. We know they have these winter accessories so we just don’t understand why they wouldn’t wear them all the time,” said one SHS nurse.

The team responsible for the research will be following up their study with a second project in later this spring, when they investigate trends of the minimum temperature necessary for students to begin tanning on the BU Beach.

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