LONDON—Students in Boston University’s London Abroad Program are enraged as the lackluster Wi-Fi in their residence buildings has continually ruined their international experience.

Some 200 students in the Crofton, a residence building located in the posh west end of London, have been repeatedly booted off of the Internet in the past weeks. Filled with frustration, these students have resorted to continually refreshing their Internet browsers instead of pretending to finish their work. For many, this is a practical excuse for not tackling their already pathetically small workload.

“But how am I supposed to tell all of my Facebook friends that I’m in London?” asked John Kane (CAS ’13). He continued, “My parents pretty much paid for me to have a semester off and the least I can do is upload some pictures and Skype with them every other day, but now I can’t!”

Patience is waning while Academic Services has proposed several solutions to the problem such as “try[ing] the computers in BU’s library” and “try[ing] again later.” Students contest that this isn’t the most convenient solution when trying to stream a movie on Netflix while overpaying for Dominos Pizza and clinging to American customs.

While the Wi-Fi is on the fritz, students’ tempers are flaring as additional complaints compound their outrage. Some issues include the lack of hourly maid service, the incompatibility of their American electronics, and intensity of their 12-credit schedule.

After a prolonged silence, BU Academic Services finally released their statement on the issue of Internet this afternoon, advising students to “GO OUTSIDE.” This was met with little enthusiasm from the students, many of whom responded “But it’s raining.” The exchange concluded with another response to Academic Services, who said “It’s London. Get over it.”

No further statements have been released at this time.

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