BOSTON—Wow! Boston University’s Study Abroad program will now feature new locations thanks to the Magic School Bus.

Students can expect to visit a variety of locations based on their majors, including but not limited to: the inside of a camera for film students, the bristles of a paintbrush for art students, and the inside of a snake available exclusively for Questrom students! These experiences are unlike anything offered at any school ever.

Unfortunately, Ms. Frizzle will not be driving the Magic School Bus this time around. President Brown was insistent upon driving it himself, in an effort to fully immerse himself in the program.

“My friends told me that the Magic School Bus was making a comeback,” said Janice Cook (CAS ‘20). “But when I asked ‘With the Frizz?,’ President Brown materialized himself out of thin air and shouted ‘No way!’”.

“At first it seemed too good to be true,” said Jason Archibald (COM ‘19). “But when I saw President Brown driving the bus with an iguana on his shoulder, I knew I was in for a wild ride!”

Many students, including some of Ms. Frizzle’s original students like Ralphie, Keesha, and Carlos, have transferred to BU to take advantage of this new opportunity.  

“I was so excited to go,” recounted Ralphie Tennelli, readjusting his old red baseball cap before throwing a brick across the room. “But President Brown said I couldn’t because I forgot my permission slip at home, gosh darnit!” It is unclear where Tennelli got this brick from.

At press time, The Bunion has received reports that indicate President Brown paid an estimated $6 million for the school bus. Now that tuition increase makes sense! Thanks, President Brown!

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