GEORGE SHERMAN UNION—On Friday, Boston University’s President Brown announced a 3.6% increase in tuition, so we took to the streets and asked students from all around BU’s different colleges just how this cost increase will impact them.

Economics: “The increase is part of a vicious economic cycle and, in my opinion the only way out of it is to shift to a socialist society so it’s someone else’s fucking problem.”

Religion: “No denying it now, God hates BU.”

Acting: “This doesn’t mix nicely with my future career as a waiter.”

Computer Science: “I’m not too worried with the increase because deleting myself from the system is year 4 of my 5 year plan.”

Physical Therapy: “This is a real blow to my lotion budget.”

Psychology: “Charging me more money doesn’t change the fact that I’m sexually attracted to Rhett.”

English: “At least one day I’ll be able to eloquently tell my spouse I’m a financial burden.”

Elementary Education: “It’s going to look a little weird when I ask my students if I can crash on their couch, but I think I’ll be able to make it work.”

Pre-Dentistry: “Thanks to the tuition increase the newest magazine I’ll have in my waiting room will be ‘Teen Beat’ from March 1998.”

Biology: “I no longer can afford to buy cadavers so now I have to take an ad out on Craigslist.”

Political Science: “I appreciate BU preparing me for a career of being screwed over. Hopefully one day I can return the favor.”

History: “If history has taught me anything, it’s that I am an idiot for choosing to major in History.”

Hospitality Administration: “I can no longer afford to put a chocolate on my pillow every night.”

Astronomy: “The universe is massive with unlimited avenues, unlike my financial well-being which is shriveled and depleted.”

International Relations: “My career can take me anywhere in the world, but my savings account will unfortunately have to remain in a third world country.”

Health Science: “I’m not too surprised at the increase because overcharging is, like, the first thing they teach us.”

Earth & Environmental Sciences: “Just like the Red Kangaroo, I’ve been forced out of my habitat and back into my mom’s place.”

Finance: “This seems like a question that should be directed towards my dad.”

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