ALLSTON—Students filed out of lecture halls this afternoon to change into their costumes for the start of their second weekend of Halloween celebrations, sources reported today.

The student body, who reportedly already celebrated Halloween at various parties through last weekend as well as this past Wednesday on the actual day of Halloween, is excited for their third round of holiday festivities.

Students could be overheard planning their elaborate theme parties this afternoon all across campus. “Do you want me to pick you up anything from Blanchard’s?” said one girl dressed as a maid into her cell phone.

Laundry rooms across campus are overwhelmed by the traffic of people cleaning their sweat and alcohol stained costumes for additional use this weekend. Students waiting for washers at 44 Buswell’s laundry room in South Campus stood in a line stretching across the street to Giga’s Pizzeria. “Who knew that a Halloween costume would get so dirty if you wore it five times in one week?” said David Shah (SMG ‘13).

At press time, it’s fucking November.

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