SOUTH CAMPUS—Several students in South Campus were busy making their final preparations before embarking on their journey to Danielsen for Spring break.

“I’m excited and nervous,” said Chelsea Smithers (ENG ‘20). “Last year, my friends and I went to Cancun for vacation, but we wanted to try something a little farther out this year.”

“I’ve always tried to push my boundaries,” added Isabella Ramirez (ENG ‘20). “This is probably the farthest I’ve travelled from home in a while.”

Danielsen has proven an increasingly popular vacation spot for Boston University students looking for a little adventure. Its tucked-away, exotic locale makes for an exciting getaway, with abundant local landmarks, like its 24-hour construction sites and its nests of cockroaches.

For some, however, the trip can be dangerous.

“We always encourage students to explore the world as much as they can. However, we strongly encourage students to consider whether or not Danielsen is too remote for them,” explained a spokesperson from Boston University administration. “We unfortunately had an incident in 2011 where a student stepped into the wrong common room and was mauled to death by a feral rat.”

When asked whether or not she was worried about these risks, Smithers smiled and shook her head.

“I think when you’re traveling to such a foreign place, it’s really important to understand the local culture and obey their rules,” she explained. “I plan on sticking with Isabella and keeping my phone charged at all times.”

She then stepped onto a waiting helicopter, the only way to get to Danielsen, and flew away. Stay safe, Chelsea!

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