BOSTON UNIVERSITY – Students at Boston University got into the Halloween spirit this Wednesday by dressing up in costume for their classes. We took to the streets to ask students to explain their costumes to us.

“I’m in ROTC,” said Stephen Mercer (CAS ‘14).

“I’m an NROTC student,” said Jill Stucker (SMG ’13).

“It’s Navy ROTC, you know? We have to dress up like this.” said Guy Silva (SED ’16).

“We dress like this every Wednesday.” said Tom McIntyre (COM ’15).

“It’s for class. we have to do it.” said Dan Carney (SMG ’14).

“This is a uniform.” said Phillip Meyers (COM ’16).

Some students coyly avoided our questions, staying in the character of their costumes for the duration of the interview.

“My costume? What?” said John Rockers (COM ’12).

“I don’t know what you mean,” said Arthur Wrynn (SAR ’15)

“Do you guys know what you’re talking about?” said Timothy Rivers (CAS ’15).

Reports indicate that some individuals have been seen dressed as janitorial staff throughout various buildings. There’s no shortage of Halloween creativity on BU campus today. Keep your eyes peeled for these students in their inventive costumes and have a happy Halloween!

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