Photoshopped by Maddy Schmidt (COM '21) and Ethan Brown (COM/CAS '21)
Kate Anderson (COM '22)

Kate is a freshman from Virginia Beach, Virginia studying Film and TV.

BOSTON—Sophomore Brianna Tang (QST) turns heads walking down Commonwealth Avenue in her new winter coat.

“It’s a Canada Goose,” said Tang, “Or, I guess Canada Geese is more appropriate.”

Tang’s jacket is made from eight geese bred and tamed in the wilds of northern Ontario. While technically a coat, the benefits of such a garment are unclear to many of her classmates.

Tang’s friend and former roommate Polly Sherman (CAS ‘21) describes the jacket as “impractical,” and “ridiculously loud.” She claims that their friendship has been strained ever since the jacket “became hostile,” and bit Sherman repeatedly.

However, Tang is willing to deal with the drawbacks.

“This coat is totally sustainable. You know, Canada Goose jackets have all this fur and it’s really horrifying. I have a down jacket, but none of these birds were harmed just to keep me warm,” said Tang. “I’m doing my part for the environment.”

When asked if the geese actually keep her warm during harsh Boston winters, Tang declined to comment.

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