Some students believe there is a new plague spreading at BU, not COVID, Strep, or Mono, but sandals and flip flops. 

“My last straw was when [an athlete] waltzed into class in rainbow sandals,” the club’s president, Toby Shoo (CAS ‘22), said when explaining what prompted his activism. “He then proceeded to take off the sandals and curl his big, gnarly toes on the chair in front of him. I was physically incapable of averting my eyes. That is just so distracting, regardless of what your feet look like. But, to be clear, this man’s toes looked like something out of a podiatry textbook.”

Apparently, Shoo was not alone in his foot obsession. After only two weeks, he was able to generate enough outrage from his peers to form a new student group, Students Against Open-Toed Shoes. 

On October 10th, the group of 13 students mobbed the GSU. 

Shoo threw open the doors and began shouting into his megaphone, “Wake-up sheeple, feet are distracting. Hide your feet, no matter how nice looking they are!”

No one seemed to notice Shoo and the 12 other students yelling “Hey, hey, ho, ho, your stinky toes have got to go!” Nor did they notice the group’s hand-painted signs saying, “Your feet are a distraction,” “We don’t care how good your pedicure looks,” “Get your fungus out of my face” and “Who let the dogs out?” 

After nearly four and a half empowered minutes of activism, the group called it a day and shared Panda Express.

At press time, it appears that the movement may have lost traction, as feet still have a heavy presence on Comm Ave.

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