SOUTH CAMPUS—Monday, during the Boston Marathon, BU gained an illustrious new comedy connection. As a large group of runners passed south campus, Robert Hanson (COM ‘18), cupped his hands over his mouth and yelled “Run Forrest, run!”. In an instance of pure fate, a talent scout for the legendary comedy show Saturday Night Live overheard the comment. Hanson has since been offered a full time writing position on the show.

Since Hanson is only a junior, he will not be able to finish his degree on time, but he told The Bunion that this opportunity is just too good to pass up. “My family is so proud!” Hanson gushes. “My parents are helping me move out of Towers and into a small studio apartment in Manhattan.”

We caught up with Lorne Michaels when he arrived in Logan Airport to congratulate Hanson directly. “I’ve obviously had a long career of discovering and cultivating young writers, since the ‘70s.” MIchaels commented “In all of my years with the greats, I’ve never come across such a natural talent, that didn’t appear to need any mentoring whatsoever.”

Many of Hanson’s professor’s lamented his dropping out of school, but others claim that this success was a long time coming. “Well, I wasn’t shocked to hear this at all. That guy is the KING of yelling things out.” said physics professor Maxwell Thimbus “On the first day of class, I had some trouble connecting my laptop to the projector, and he called me Steve Jobs really loudly. Honestly, SNL just made a great move.”

At press time, representatives from SNL stated that Hanson is already widely considered the favorite pick for head writer next season.

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