ALLSTON—Ryan Scwepp (CAS ‘17) is coming under fire after complaining throughout Marathon Monday that the sprinkles of rain made the day horrible, instead of appreciating that he was getting drunk on a Monday with his best friends while watching world-class athletes complete.

“My Budweiser got so much rain water in it that it might as well have been a Bud Light,” Scwepp said. “I just feel cheated, this day was supposed to be dope but the rain washed all that way.”

While Schwepp was busy complaining about the precipitation, hundreds of runners were sprinting through the rain without complaint, including a man with muscular dystrophy who finished late and battled thunderstorms for the last few miles.

Schwepp said the rain sucked super hard, and forced him to wear a rain jacket that hid his marathon gear.

“How are people going to see my American Flag tank top if I have a jacket on?” Schwepp asked. “The answer is, they are not.”

At press time, Schwepp was writing an email to the Boston Athletic Association claiming he should be rewarded because of how “my mellow was harshed.”

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