BU BEACH—Between a busy schedule of demanding classes and community service, Whitney Harris (ENG’17) has a knack for tour guiding given her head that can rotate 360 degrees around his neck.

The first thing many tour groups notice about this eager young woman is that she begins a tour by affixing her microphone to the back of his collar and swiveling her head a complete 180 degrees around and continues to walk forward while engaging excitedly with students and families.

“You know how they give you those little BU water bottles in case it’s hot outside during the tour? Well, when I saw Whitney getting ready, I spit out a mouthful of water and dropped the rest of the bottle.” Says Kayla Yu, a visibly shaken high school student. “I mean, I guess it was a really great tour, but like…still.”

Whitney wrote her own Common App essay years ago about her unique ability. “Oh man, I included all these stupid puns about how I ‘have a good head on my shoulders’ and I have a ‘panoramic perspective’ of the world.” She fondly recalls. “I had to get serious in the third paragraph and tell them that I was actually born with an inexplicably hinged spine.”

While Whitney is generally well liked on campus, some students, like Mike Waters (Questrom ’18), are still taken aback by his distinctive touring style. “Dude, when I see him heading towards me….or…backing towards me, I guess…. on the sidewalk…Nah. Just nah. She’s a charming girl, and her tour groups always laugh at her jokes, but not normal polite laughter. It’s like, nervous laughter.”

At press time, Whittney tells us that his only noticeable day-to-day obstacles are having sit in the very last row during exams and trying to dodge numerous job offers from local haunted houses.

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