WARREN TOWERS—As he puts on his blazer for Beta Phi Tau’s business formal mixer, John Moller (CAS ‘20) mutters to himself, “Jackie and Chris wouldn’t want it this way.” Of course Moller is referring to Jackie Chan and Christopher Tucker from the MTV Movie Award-winning Rush Hour series of films.

“When I first heard about something called ‘rush week’ I assumed I would be taking down bad guys like Jackie Chan, or helping Jackie Chan take down bad guys like Chris Tucker. And if they could stop corrupt officials and kidnappers in one rush hour, I could only imagine what I could do in a whole rush week!” Moller said as he looked at the Rush Hour 2 poster hung crookedly above his dorm room desk. “Then I went to the first info session and reality hit me like one of Jackie Chan’s awesome kicks; This isn’t about stopping crime with a few laughs along the way, this is about getting into a frat.”

While Moller’s confusion may seem unique, Kyle Davis—a Junior in Questrom and the president of Beta Phi Tau—claims this is a common mistake. ”People usually come to join the frat, but you do get a few people each semester who actually just want to rescue the Chinese consul’s kidnapped daughter,” said Davis, “It can be pretty tough to explain to them that’s not what being in a fraternity is all about. It’s about brotherhood.”

When asked why he is still participating in rush week, even though it has nothing to do with the beloved film franchise or it’s spin off television show, which lasted one season, Moller said, “If there is one thing I learned from Detective Carter and Detective Inspector Lee, it is to never give up hope. They didn’t give up after two movies, and they also didn’t give up in Rush Hour 3. I still believe there is a chance that at least Chris Tucker will show up for the rush week speed dating event.”

At press time there were still no plans for a Rush Hour 4 and Beta Phi Tau reported a “moderate turnout” for the first week of recruitment.

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