SLEEPER HALL—Emma Caldwell (CAS ‘18) isn’t sure if the male featured in Jenna Edward’s Facebook profile picture is her high school boyfriend or brother.

“Like they look alike, but their heads are practically touching,” Caldwell said. “Plus, he’s giving off that sexual vibe.”

Reports indicate that the photo, captioned only with a heart emoji, does not have either participant tagged. The photo also portrays the male engaging in a tender grasp around Edwards’ wrist.

“I think it’s weird if it is her brother,” Caldwell’s floor mate, Alexa Richardson (COM ‘18), chimed in. “But it’s also weird to be dating someone who looks like he could be your brother.”

Adding to the controversy, Ms. Edward’s strict privacy settings have not allowed Caldwell or Richardson to gather further research. The two friends had hoped to cross-reference Edward’s friends lists to check if there is a guy matching the photo with the same last name as Ms. Edward’s, see her relationship status or check other photos.

At press time, Ms. Caldwell was pondering whether she should friend request her roommate or talk to her directly about the tense situation.

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