DANIELSEN HALL—Last night Becky Kreuger (CAS ’19) pulled an all nighter in order to study for her statistics final today, only to wake up to find that she actually has a philosophy final this afternoon.

“No… no…. not this again!” Kreuger shouted at her computer. “I swear I checked my schedule. Why wouldn’t I have? That would be stupid, and I’m not stupid. I can take a statistics test to prove it.

Becky allegedly spent all night in the Mugar Library slaving over practice equations and distinguishing between mean, median, and mode, when she should have been distinguishing between optimism, pessimism, and idealism.

“Yeah, all week she was talking about how she was going to have to stay up all night on Thursday studying for our statistic test,” said classmate Joan Thrimel (CAS ’19). “I thought, can’t you just study this weekend?”

But this is not the first time Becky has confused her finals. Last semester Becky accidentally stayed up studying physics instead of history.

“That one was actually really dumb because I wasn’t even in a physics class,” said Kreuger.

At press time Becky missed her philosophy exam entirely, as she fell asleep on her statistics textbook, drooling on all of the practice problems.

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