EAST CAMPUS—Eyewitness reports indicate that a new BU student experienced difficulty locating silverware at 100 Bay State Road earlier this evening.

During dinner, Tom Soares (CAS ‘16) was seen searching for a spoon in various utensil dispensers on the second floor of the new Center for Student Services. Tom spoke to Bunion reporters about the difficulty he experienced. “I went to go get a glass of Brisk and a spoon. I filled my cup and then I went to get a spoon from under the counter, but all of the cups looked the same and they weren’t labeled so I had to take a guess. I grabbed something out of one cup, but it was a knife. I tried another one, but those were all forks.

The forks stuck together when I pulled one out, and some of them fell on the floor and so then I had to pick them up.” Sources indicate that by this point, Tom was causing a scene.

“I tried a third time and I got another knife, so I went over by the other station where the tables are. I found more forks over there. I dropped some more of them, too.” Tom said. “Eventually I gave up and asked someone who worked there and they helped me out. I was just scared to touch any more utensils.”

Preliminary research has shown that at 100 Bay State, students are spending just as much time looking for proper silverware as they are waiting on line to get food.

Sources say that after being helped by the dining services staff, Tom served himself a cup of ice cream and then made a mess with the m&m’s dispenser.

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