WEST CAMPUS—Jenna Saunders (CAS ‘17) recently admitted that the reasoning behind her decision to rush Alpha Epsilon Phi was based solely on the increased Facebook activity it would create.

“Before I was in a sorority my profile picture had a measly 30 likes, but today it has more than 300,” Saunders said. “I love being in a sorority because it means that I almost always have notifications. I also love raising money for charities, I guess.”

Reports show that intense love and admiration pops up on a student’s social network once she joins a sorority. Sorority members who upload a profile picture in which they flash their sorority sign are 38 percent more likely to crest 300 likes. Similarly, a cover photo of a sorority charity event is guaranteed to garner at least 80 likes.

Allie Westbrook, a recent Alpha Phi recruit, recently broke records with her profile picture, which garnered 500 likes.

“It was a picture of me and some sisters in Puerto Vallarta, flashing our signs on the beach,” Westbrook said. “The caption for the photo reads: ‘I wear my letters on my front because I know my sisters have my back.’”

At press time, a member of the Model UN Club had 12 likes on a photo of her posing with General Secretary Ban Ki-moon.

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