GSU LINK—Clare Xiang (QST ’18), a frequent piano player of the public-use piano in the GSU link, was idly tinkering away at the keys when suddenly she opened a secret magical door that led to another world.

“There was this metallic groaning that silenced the whole room. I stopped pressing the keys right away and ran as far as I could,” recalls Clare.

Sources confirm that the wall panel to the immediate left of the piano slid open 4 feet wide and a gust of wind emerged. Witnesses were surprised to see that this secret door concealed what looked like the beginning of a stone spiral staircase lit with flaming iron lanterns.

“Man, that’s some Harry Potter, National Treasure, Atlantis-type stuff going on down there.” said a mystified Matt Hanlon (SED ’16) who protesting the use of iguana skin for handbags at the link when the portal opened.

“We’re not supposed to talk about it,” reported BU Facilities workers as they moved the panel back, quickly and quietly.

“No comment, no comment, no comment, no comment,” stated President Brown, as he hustled out of his office on Tuesday.

At press time, Dean Elmore cryptically went on record only to say, “After many years in squalor and darkness, it has finally awakened…”

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