GEORGE SHERMAN UNION—Sources report that BU student Marsha Kodak (CAS ‘19) is trying to pay all four years of her college tuition by only selling baked goods.

“I have always been known for being a good baker and I needed to come upon money as fast as possible,” said Kodak (CAS ’19). “Bake sales give me the opportunity to incorporate my grandma’s recipes into delicious treats that will make students keep coming back with more money in their pockets.”

The bake sale has been going on for two months so far and Kodak has already raised one full year of tuition. The top grossing items are her brownies infused with real golden flakes and her chocolate chip cookies that enhance memory.

“My parents would be very proud of all the hard work I have put in this,” said Kodak. “I didn’t realize that bake sales were a way to get rich quick!”

Students line up every morning in front of the GSU and wait for hours to see what treats Kodak bakes for the day.

“My favorite item she makes is the pumpkin bread,” explained Tom Dallid (COM ’18). “Kodak told me the bread will help me focus more in class and I really need to pay attention. I don’t even mind how much it costs because the bread really works!”

At press time, students realized they were paying $60,000 for just a brownie filled with gold glitter.

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