CAS, ROOM 223—Thirty five minutes into her Politics in Eastern Europe class, Jane Mangrove (CAS 17’) stood up to turn in the attendance sheet to her TA when she noticed a sweaty imprint of her butt settled on the pale green chair.

“No way was it mine, it must have been there when I got here and then just outlined the shape of my butt once I sat down, but on second thought, maybe it was mine? I wasn’t paying attention when I sat down, and my butt doesn’t feel sweaty, or maybe it does? It’s humid outside, and these are thin leggings,” said Mangrove.

Other students in the class did notice Mangrove’s butt print when she stood up, and sympathized with the situation, although they looked away and pretended like they hadn’t seen a thing when she returned.

“It’s tough to say, on one hand, the butt sweat could in fact be hers,” experts hypothesized, “but on the other hand, it could have been there when she got there.”

Mangrove isn’t the only one faced with this dilemma; studies show that by the end of the day, one student can be carrying up to 6 other students’ butt sweat in their clothing. Researchers are looking into new materials to create chairs out of that may decrease likelihood of butt sweat transfer.

At press time, Mangrove was taking extra precautions and turning all of her terrycloth towels into mini skirts.

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