COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATION—According to reports, Tom Weissman (COM ’14) attended a Boston University College of Communication class yesterday and actually learned something.

“It was strange because I was in a COM Class, and I didn’t know the thing before the class, but then I knew it after the class,” states Weissman. “The professor said the thing, I listened to it, and it was something I had never heard before,“ Weissman said. “I was surprised because in COM we usually just talk about Facebook.”

Despite accusations by some students that the professor may have falsified the thing that Weissman learned, The Bunion’s fact-checkers have investigated and confirmed the thing to be true. Opponents of Weissman’s claim have also disputed the notion that anything can be learned from a COM class. However, classmate Kelly Werth (COM ’14) also heard when the thing was said.

“Yeah, I did hear the professor say that,” said Ms. Werth.

Weissman’s newly-acquired knowledge comes at a time when COM constantly teaches things that people have already learned. The content of a typical COM class includes various things that the students already knew, or ones that are so inherently obvious that they do not warrant discussion.

Facts from previous COM class lessons that Weissman already knew include “the Internet is important in today’s society”, “Alfred Hitchcock was an important film director”, and “Los Angeles is a place where you can get a communications job.”

When Bunion reporters contacted students from CAS, SMG, ENG, SAR, CFA, CGS, SHA, SED, and MET to ask them about the fact, they all asserted that they “already knew that.”

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