DANIELSEN—For the third year in a row, the friends and family of Dave Wendt (CAS ’15) have agreed to stop noticing him for thirty days.

“Did you hear something?” Rory Fisher (SAR ’15), Dave Wendt’s best friend and roommate asked as he returned home after a long day.

“Nope!” replied fellow Terrier and Dave’s fraternal twin Rick Wendt (CAS ’15). After setting his bag on his desk, Dave Wendt immediately went to sleep, which no one seemed to notice.

November, one of the most communal months of the year, is known for students giving one another support through midterms week and seeing loved ones during the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Remember: no one pass the stuffing to you-know-who again this year,” Rick Wendt wrote in an email back home to his parents and sister as his brother Dave gazed blankly at the ceiling in a room full of his closest friends.

According to Fisher, the No-Dave tradition has only grown more ambitious and elaborate each year and has an interesting origin story.

“None of us can grow mustaches,“ explained Fisher.

At press time, Dave was looking up how to legally change his name to anything that will win back their love.

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