Across the middle of the BU campus runs a train line, and local activist Samuel Cameron (QST ’23) has a history with it. After weeks of crossing Comm Ave and nearly being hit by the T, Samuel finally decided to fight back, not just for himself, but on behalf of all BU students.

“This isn’t just about me,” says Samuel. “This is about every student’s right to not die on their own campus. We shouldn’t have to worry about the train. The train should have to worry about us.”

Samuel spent months training, preparing for his showdown with the inanimate object. He worked his body to the brink, strained his marriage with his wife Gianna, and nearly lost custody of his two kids, Samuel Jr. and Avery. But he had to fight back against the system.

Onlooker George Smith was leaving Questrom with his morning coffee when the showdown began. “He was staring down the T,” said George, “which I didn’t think a person could do with a train. But he did it. Then he just went absolutely ballistic. He went off on that train like his life depended on it, like all of our lives depended on it. It was amazing.”

Another observer said, “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Every day I cross Comm Ave, checking that morning’s Snap stories, and every day the train comes out of nowhere and almost hits me! Samuel is a hero to us all.”

Jenna Kale was on the train when it all went down. She said, “All of us inside were cheering, even when he finally knocked the train over and injured an old woman. Samuel, if you’re seeing this, please ask me out on a date.”

Mere days later, another victim was walking across Comm Ave, when out from the shadows appeared the formidable T, ready to claim its next victim. But in her hour of need, Samuel Cameron, American Hero, was nowhere to be found.

We reached out to Samuel for a comment, but did not receive a response. His roommate, who we found sitting in the hallway of Warren Tower C, said that Samuel would be unable to comment for the next few hours, and proceeded to mention something under his breath about kale.

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