STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES—This morning, BU Student Health Services announced that they would be offering an anti-vaccination clinic next week on the Charles River Campus. The official email from SHS states that at the clinic, they will offer free information and resources for the anti-vaccination community, and no vaccinations will be available at the clinic that day.

When asked about the purpose of the clinic, a representative from Student Health Services responded, “Here at BU, we strive to accept people with a diverse set of worldviews, and by only holding vaccination clinics at SHS, we were erasing the entire anti-vaxxer population at BU.”

The BU administration has lauded this action as an inclusivity win, and they hope for SHS to make this year’s list of most politically inclusive student health clinics.

The student population has manifested mixed reactions. Some student groups are protesting the school’s decision to hold this event. One such student, Lisa Whittaker (SAR ’21) told The Bunion that this action is, “irresponsible because it ignores scientific evidence and endangers public health.”

Other students are applauding the school’s inclusivity efforts. Wendy Andrews (CAS ’20), part of a student coalition that fights for the rights of anti-vaxxers, stated her belief that, “this is a landmark for our rights as US citizens to do whatever we want, no matter how it affects others” and that “the BU administration is one of the most progressive in the country.”

The BU administration has also expressed interest in creating an anti-vaxxer specialty house in the future, which they hope to name “Quarantine House.”

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