BU CENTRAL—Students were shocked and frustrated last night when the announcement of the student government election results revealed that a 15,976-way tie had occurred for every position on the Student Government e-board.

“This is totally unprecedented,” said Ted Preston (SMG ‘13), a representative of Student Government. “We really don’t know what to do.”

BU’s student government elections, an event in which all 15,977 undergraduate students may participate in to vote for their representatives, ended on Monday resulting in the historic electoral deadlock. All but one of the university’s students participated in the election, by writing themselves in under every slot for every available position.

“Oh, the deadline was yesterday?” said Alex Myers (COM ’12), the only student who did not vote in the election. “Darn it, I was gonna write myself in. I didn’t know I would have actually had a close shot at winning,” said Myers. “I guess every vote does matter.”

The four students who spent the better part of a month campaigning for their slate, as well as the other 15,972 potential candidates, are anxiously awaiting a re-count of the votes to determine who will be the winners of the election. “It’s anyone’s election at this point,” said another representative from the Student Government office while diligently counting votes.

Votes are still being counted at press time. If the re-count confirms the accuracy of the tie, Preston says that they might just go through with having a 15,976 person student government.

“Why not?” said Preston. “We’d probably get a lot more things accomplished that way.”

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