BU BRIDGE—After a successful Parents Weekend, which included taking in the sights of Boston with her mother and seeing the annual Head of the Charles Regatta, Allison Gore (SMG ‘18) is reportedly “very excited” for her upcoming second Parents Weekend with her father, Jeff.

“I didn’t get to see everything I wanted the first time around, but now I can!” Gore said while waiting for her father to respond to any texts sent the previous day. “This is gonna be great!”

While other students returned to their dorms with the usual amount of care packages and baked goods made with love and acceptance, Gore struggled to carry her brand-new plasma TV into her Warren Towers dorm alongside other expensive gifts her mother had bought for her, seemingly on a whim.

“She only gets the best from me,” Cynthia Gore said. “I take good care of my daughter. Better than anyone else, do you hear me?”

The elder Gores, who have been divorced since 1996, declined to comment while the other was in the same room.

“BU is such a great school,” Gore said while driving her mother back to Logan Airport after the latter’s long night at The White Horse Tavern in Allston. “They really make every student feel special.”

BU officials restated that there were no BU-sanctioned Parents Weekend events for this upcoming weekend, but encouraged all students, and their family members, to have a great time regardless.

At press time, Gore was seen turning on her new plasma TV, watching for a few seconds, then turning it off and quietly weeping.

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